BTRFLY Legal Innovation

Legal Services

Through my law firm, Matt Canzer Law, I offer litigation coaching for self-represented litigants, unbundled (limited scope retainer) services, and representation for some litigation. I operate an entirely virtual law practice using secure, cloud-based technology. I try to reduce administrative overhead wherever possible and pass those savings on to my clients.

Innovation Lab

I am in the process of developing an online platform for self-guided legal services.  I’m creating short, engaging videos that help legal consumers understand their legal issues. We use forms and document automation to help legal consumers do most of their own work. Finally, we offer pay-as-you-go consultations by videoconference with practicing lawyers. 

Legal Technology Consulting

I help lawyers leverage technology to improve their practices and offer the best possible experience for their clients. I can assist with process automation, document management and collaboration, knowledge management and internal communications, and client intake and marketing automation.   

In May 2020, two months into the global coronavirus pandemic, I decided to take a step back from the full-time practice of law and focus on creating innovative ways to facilitate affordable legal services. I was heavily influenced by Jack Newton, cofounder and CEO of Clio, and his forward-thinking book The Client Centered-Law Firm: How to Succeed in an Experience-Driven World, which shines a bright light on the gap between those who build and operate the legal system and those who find themselves trying to use it.

In June 2020 I opened my own law practice to offer unbundled legal services and litigation coaching. I operate an entirely virtual office which allows me to reduce overhead and pass those savings on to my clients. I support and guide my clients as needed, which empowers them to decide what work they feel comfortable doing themselves, and what work they would like me to do on their behalf. They pay for the services they need and not for those they don’t.

I am currently building an online platform for self-guided legal services, drawing on the lessons learned from those I have helped over the last 12 years. My goal is to democratize access to legal services by making unbundled services more efficient and accessible.

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